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How to use app settings when configuring function bindings

For example, how to manage the queue name of a queue-triggered function using the app settings

Mark the app setting name with percent signs, i.e. %queue_name%, as seen below.

public static void Run(
    [QueueTrigger("%queue_name%")]string queueItem)

or using function.json:

  "bindings": [
      "name": "order",
      "type": "queueTrigger",
      "direction": "in",
      "queueName": "%queue_name%",

– via Microsoft Docs

How to connect to Azure Data Lake Storage Gen 2 using a Service Principal

Assuming you’ve already configured everything, you need to use an instance of DefaultAzureCredential.

var credentials = new DefaultAzureCredential();            
var serviceClient = new DataLakeServiceClient("https://<your_storage_account_name>", credentials);

– via Microsoft Docs