In which Azure regions can I deploy a particular OpenAI model?

The Azure OpenAI Service models is a good (albeit not very compact) reference for this. You’ll find the most interesting and thus less available models in the condensed list below:

Model Regions
gpt-4 (0613) - Australia EastĀ 
- Canada EastĀ 
- France CentralĀ 
- Sweden CentralĀ 
- Switzerland North
gpt-4 (1106-preview) - Australia EastĀ 
- Canada EastĀ 
- East US 2Ā 
- France CentralĀ 
- Norway EastĀ 
- South IndiaĀ 
- Sweden CentralĀ 
- UK SouthĀ 
- West US
gpt-4 (0125-preview) - East USĀ 
- North Central USĀ 
- South Central US
gpt-4 (vision-preview) - Sweden CentralĀ 
- West USĀ 
- Japan East
dalle3 - Sweden Central
whisper - North Central USĀ 
- West Europe
tts-1 & tts-1-hd - North Central USĀ 
- Sweden Central

What API versions do I need to call each OpenAI model?

I’m using the REST API (completions & embeddings) any time I ask myself this question, it’s a very good resource.

At the time of this writing however, you can kinda get away with just using 2023-12-01-preview for everything except text to speech (which requires 2024-02-15-preview). I’m sure this will change in the future, so it’s best to bookmark that reference page šŸ˜‰.